Clay’s Story

Clay at work - Copy

Clay got his love for motorcycles from his parents, Dewey & Susie McCreary.  Dewey was a championship motorcycle racer in the 1950-60’s, earning 5 world records.  He later became a manager of a Harley-Davidson dealership in Kansas City.

As a kid growing up with motorcycles it was only natural for Clay to develop a love for them.  When he graduated high school he went to the MMI Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and became a certified Harley-Davidson technician.


Working as a tech at the family dealership he built and rode the Harley-Davidson store drag bike that ran 9 sec quarter mile times.  But what he liked most was drawing and designing custom Harley’s many of which were featured in national bike magazines!

As the business grew Clay worked every position in the dealership learning the business and eventually becoming a co-owner of the family St Joe Harley-Davidson shop.

Realizing his strong passion for art, Clay moved his office into his home so he could spend more time on what he loved doing most which was metal fabrication.  And after learning he could use his skills to ‘draw’ with a plasma cutter the sky was the limit!

Clay’s Metal Art was born in 2013 and has been growing fast.  Sending metal art all across the county!  Even to art galleries.  The future for CMA is bright with all new idea’s and concepts they haven’t even touched on yet!

Metal Art

Clay’s daughter Josie, who is also gifted with creative idea’s, helps her dad with orders at CMA.

They are doing what nobody else has the ability to do.  They are driven artist!  Doing extremely detailed and meticulous work!

“Art is my passion and it’s great to do something you love!  My other passion, Harley-Davidson is still alive and well and as co-owner of ST Joe Harley-Davidson my offiice is now located in my home – life if good!

Follow your passion – life is short, make the most of it”

Clay McCleary

Clay’s early art work.


FullSizeRender17This is my first oil painting! I never picked up a oil brush before I did this for my mom.