Clays Metal Art

CMA Begins Video .

Clays Metal Art
“The Build”

A basic video of how a CMA metal art piece is created.

Clays Metal Art

Fine personalized wall art!

Clay’s Metal Art

Clay showing off some of his hand made metal art.

CMA Showcase (part 1)

Hand made metal art by Clay McCreary

CMA Showcase (part 2)

Hand made metal art by Clay McCreary

Clay’s Metal Art™ Plasma Room

Clay gives you an inside look at the special room he built for plasma cutting indoors and how he eliminates the fumes and soot from burning metal.

An Introduction to Plasma Cutting & Metal Art.

Watch in HD as Clay discusses metal and materials as well as safety and the art form of metal cutting with a plasma gun. Watch as he cuts the sheets of metal and shapes out his feathers for a set of his large wings.

BIG FLAMES dancing metal art!

Large metal wall art with LED dancing effects of all colors!

Clay’s Metal Art Gets
Nationwide Attention